Elite Security Services

"Elite is professional, courteous, respectful and considerate"
 J.J. – Columbus, OH

"I am proud to have Elite Security provide a safe and professional security team for my festival. Throughout the years they have been a joy to work with. At the festival they are professional and courteous. I plan on many more years of continuing our relationship."
P. M. – Cleveland, OH

"Elite has the practical experience, organizational skills, communicational expertise, and in depth training to contour the task force to the event. This is accomplished by practicing a known good process refined over two decades of very hard work." "These guys don't rest. They maintain the appropriate sense of urgency throughout the event. At no time have I seen any of the team members put their own needs above the job." "a quality, licensed security company like Elite Security Services has no ego over the job. They have the defined role of maintaining genuine communications between the venue, its' coordinators, all of the official police, fire and rescue workers; and not the least of which, the patrons. Being knowledgeable of the protocols, laws, jurisdictions, and contracts give Elite the jump on most other companies. It has been my sincere pleasure to know and work with them over the last fifteen years."
S.F. –Columbus, OH

"We are an on site emergency medical and first aid provider. We have worked with Brian Singer and Elite Security over the past 10 years. Of all of the security companies that I have worked with, Brian and his staff stand out as the best.
T.G. – Columbus, OH

"I am a professional Firefighter and Paramedic. I have also worked in the concert E.M.S. field for 13 years. In my experience as a concert medic, I have worked side by side with several security companies. Elite Security has been the best by far. The staff at Elite Security are always professional and courteous. They not only attend to the security needs of the many people in attendance of the event, but the needs of those they work with as well. I have had to call security to my medical area several times. With most companies, we are an afterthought. But Elite Security always responds to our calls for assistance quickly, never leaving us wondering about our safety or the safety of our patients." "I would highly recommend Elite Security to anyone who might be considering hosting a large event. They are, hands down, the best security company working today! "
D.G. - Kingston, Ohio

"Thank God he sent us Brian and his Elite Security Company. His crew has always been on time, provided the service they promised, and not once sent a worker that we didn't feel we could trust around our customers. I couldn't imagine operating a festival without his crew, insight, and foresight that he brings to our event. His service will make a BIG difference at your event. This is one corner you should not try and cut."
J. S. – Toledo, OH

"Elite Security has always run a tight ship. They are always on time, and always there in case a problem occurs 24 hours a day. And most important, they really look out for the safety of everyone present. We not only recommend Elite Security, but we feel lucky to have them at any of the events at Frontier Ranch Music Center." O.A. – Pataskala, OH

"I highly recommend Brian & Elite Security. They do their job effectively without throwing their weight around. Even the sheriff's deputies complimented their work."
T.B. – Pataskala, OH

"I think our security team was the best that we have ever had."
C.H. - Findlay, OH

"prime candidate to perform any activity or resolve any situation that may arise,
with nothing short of a successful outcome."
D. S. - Cleveland, OH

"knowledge of personal and business security practices, as well as security plan
consultations, have contributed to my business in a positive, cost-effective and efficient way."

"extremely professional, reliable and trust-worthy."

"a valuable professional ally in the security services field"
R. P. – Los Angeles, CA

"Elite Security will be not only be an asset to any client, but a true asset to the entire security industry."
J.P. – Columbus, OH

"I would like to thank the Elite Security Staff for their excellent performance.
The very professional, courteous, efficient and well trained staff went above and beyond their duties."

"The Elite Security staff gave off friendly and positive vibes, while maintaining the respect
security should demand when it is needed from the patrons. The patrons had nothing but
good things to say about the security staff."

"thank all of you for a job more than well done."
K. S. - Toledo, OH

"demonstrated superior skills and a strong work ethic
concerning all aspects of security"
N.M. – Portland, Oregon




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